August 28, 1998
                                     CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF
                                     UNDER SECRETARIES OF DEFENSE
                                     DIRECTOR, DEFENSE RESEARCH AND ENGINEERING
                                     ASSISTANT SECRETARIES OF DEFENSE
                                     GENERAL COUNSEL OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
                                     INSPECTOR GENERAL OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
                                     DIRECTOR, OPERATIONAL TEST AND EVALUATION
                                     ASSISTANTS TO THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE
                                     DIRECTOR, ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT
                                     DIRECTORS OF THE DEFENSE AGENCIES
                                     DIRECTORS OF THE DOD FIELD ACTIVITIES

SUBJECT:  Printing of Business Cards

      In the past, business cards were considered to be inherently personal in nature and could be obtained by government employees only at their own expense. The Department of Justice has issued an opinion that provides the heads of Executive Agencies the authority to determine whether and to what extent appropriated funds may be used to provide business cards for employees where their use would facilitate mission-related business communications.

      Based on this determination, Department of Defense policy is modified to permit the printing of business cards, using existing software and agency-purchased card stock, for use in connection with official activities when the exchange of cards would facilitate mission-related business communications (as distinct from the extension of a social or business courtesy).

      Accordingly, addressees may authorize the printing of business cards for those organizations or positions under their cognizance that require business cards in the performance of their official functions. This authority may be delegated to subordinate management officials at general or flag rank and civilian members of the Senior Executive Service.

      Employees should be reminded that cards obtained under this authority are to be used only for official business purposes.

D. O. Cooke