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The DoD Roster of Neutrals is composed of DoD employees who have had at least twenty hours of approved professional training as an ADR neutral and agree to abide by the established ethical standards.  DoD employees who want to place their names on the DoD Roster must submit to the Center for ADR, a Neutral Profile and a Certification & Endorsement form by regular mail or facsimile.  The Mediator Profile includes the neutral supervisor's endorsement that the employee is suited to the role of ADR neutral and that the employee may be released to provide neutral services, subject to the needs of the employing organization.  DoD Roster neutrals must have had formal ADR training or experience within the last two years. 

The majority of requests for neutral services are for mediators.  The Center for ADR tries to utilize the co-mediator approach whenever the situation permits and the parties agree.  Generally, a lead mediator with significant experience is paired with a co-mediator who has little or no experience (but has been formally trained).  The lead mediator is provided with assistance of the co-mediator, the parties get the often useful value of two neutral perspectives, the co-mediator gains experience, and over time the Department increases its qualified neutral resources. Lead mediators must submit to the Center for ADR, a Co-Mediator Evaluation Profile by regular mail or facsimile. 

Information about DoD employees on the DoD Roster of Neutrals is kept on file at the Center for ADR and may be disclosed to parties, their representatives, requesting agency officials, and agency or investigative personnel for official duties, including qualification review and disciplinary procedures.  This information may include information on the individual's background and expertise, geographic location, and evaluations of past service as a neutral.

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