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The DoD Roster of Neutrals, maintained by DOHA CADR, is comprised of DoD employees who offer their services as neutrals to DoD organizations on a collateral duty basis through that Roster.  

Neutral services through the DoD Roster of Neutrals are provided free of charge to the Military Departments and all other organizational entities within the DoD (referred to collectively as the “DoD Components” or “organizations”) and their employees . Roster neutrals are located throughout the world, although not always at every site in which a dispute may arise. If a DoD Roster neutral is not available where services are requested, DoD Roster neutral services may be obtained from other locations, with the requesting DoD Military Department or organization agreement to pay associated travel and per diem costs . In appropriate instances, video-teleconference or telephonic use of DoD Roster neutrals may be utilized. The DoD Roster Manager at DOHA CADR may coordinate between the DoD Components, other Federal agencies, or private mediation services to locate an appropriate neutral if a DoD Roster neutral is not available in a specific instance, with any travel, per diem, or service costs to be borne by the requesting DoD organization.

DoD Roster neutrals have received approved training in at least one ADR process and have varied backgrounds relevant to application of ADR techniques to assorted subject matter backgrounds. The majority of DoD Roster neutrals are trained in mediation, primarily applied to the subject matters of employment and workplace disputes . The Roster continues to expand to include neutrals trained in conciliation, facilitation and other dispute resolution processes, and knowledgeable in ADR of special education and other subject matter disputes. 

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