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Executive Summary

DoD Reporting Agencies Under the Freedom of Information Act

DoD Freedom of Information Act Appeal and Program Officials

Item 1 - Initial Determinations

Item 2 - Initial Determinations

        (a) Exemptions Invoked

        (b) Statutes Invoked

        (c) Other Reasons

        (d) Description of "Other Reasons"

Item 3 - Initial Denial Authorities by Participation

        --  OSD/JS

         --   Department of the Army

         --   Department of the Navy

         --   Department of the Air Force

         --   Defense Contract Audit Agency

         --   Defense Finance and Accounting Service

         --   Defense Intelligence Agency

         --  Defense Investigative Service (now Defense Security Service)

         --   Defense Information Systems Agency

           --  Defense Logistics Agency

         --   Defense Special Weapons Agency

         --   National Imagery and Mapping Agency

         --   National Security Agency/Central Security Service

         --   Office of the Inspector General, DoD

         --   National Reconnaissance Office


Item 4 - Appeal Determinations

Item 5 - Appeal Determinations

        (a) Exemptions Invoked

        (b) Statutes Invoked

        (c) Other Reasons     -- AND --     Description of "Other Reasons"

Item 6 - Appeal Denial Authorities by Participation

Item 7 - Court Opinions and Actions Taken

Item 8 - Freedom of Information Act Implementation Rules or Regulations

Item 9 - Fee Schedule and Fees Collected

Item 10 - Administrative Efforts

        (a) Availability of Records

        (b) Calendar Year Costs and Fees Collected

           --  Summary

              --  Detail (OSD/JS, Dept Army, Dept Navy, Dept Air Force)

              --  Detail (DCAA, DFAS, DIA, DIS [renamed DSS])

              --  Detail (DISA, DLA, DSWA, NIMA)

              --  Detail (NRO, NSA/CSS, DoDOIG)

        (c) Time Limit Extensions


Executive Summary

"DoD Reporting Agencies" (First Page)