Table for Item V.B.4. Supplemental

“Specific” Other Reasons Cited on Initial Determinations for Nondisclosure
Other Specific Reason*   
Electronic Referral Insufficient Address Lacked 3d Party Waiver Publicly Sold Document Direct NPRC Referral Non-Attribution Improper
Not Agency
OSD/JS   3             3
Dept Navy 23     20 42   4 17 106
Dept Air Force   12 48           60
DFAS   12 3           15
NIMA               2 2
NSA/CSS     61     6     67
DOD Totals 23 27 112 20 42 6 4 19 253

Note: See Definition of terms on the following page.

Item V. B. 4. Supplemental (Continued)

"Specific" Other Reasons Cited on Initial Determinations for Nondisclosure Explained

Electronic Referral: Requested information available on Internet and the requester was apprised of the Internet address.

Insufficient Address: The requester provided an insufficient or inaccurate address and could not be contacted.

Lacked 3d Party Waiver: A third party (e.g., an attorney) making a request on behalf of someone else failed to provide an authorization from the requester which would allow the third party access to the requesterÕs records.

Publicly Sold Document: Requested material was available through cash sales and the requester was advised how to purchase.

Direct NPRC Referral: Requested concerned military service records of former service members. Requests were returned to the requester along with blank a form SF-180 and suggestion that they complete the form and submit directly to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), St. Louis, MO.

Non-Attribution: The agencyÕs involvement in a referral action would itself compromise national security matters which are properly classified.

Improper Referrals: Referrals were returned to the referring agency/activity without action for correction because they were incorrect or incomplete. Not Agency Issue: Requested documents did not pertain to the agency.