Department of Defense Plan for

Integrating National Guard and

Reserve Component Support for

Response to Attacks Using Weapons of Mass Destruction

Prepared by the DoD Tiger Team
January, 1998

I believe the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction presents the greatest threat that the world has ever known. We are finding more and more countries who are acquiring technology – not only missile technology – and are developing chemical weapons and biological weapons capabilities to be used in theater and also on a long range basis. So I think that is perhaps the greatest threat that any of us will face in the coming years.

-- Secretary of Defense William Cohen
January 1997


Cover Letter

Foreword: Plan Development



Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Overview


Purpose and Scope

Definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Planning Principles

Operational Concept

Chapter 2: The problem

Response Capabilities Today

Chapter 3: The Response

Integrated Response Concept

Response Policy

Chapter 4: Improving the Response

WMD Response Integration Program Goals

Plan for Improving Response

5-Year Integration Concept for WMD Response

Chapter 5: Response Elements



Response Elements

Chapter 6: Training Requirements

Annex A: Acronyms

Annex B: References

Annex C: Interviews

Annex D: Studies and Analyses

Annex E: Reserve Component Consequence Management Program Integration Office

Annex F: Equipment Requirements

Annex G: Legal Issues

Annex H: Training Requirements

Annex I: Tiger Team Membership