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Updated: 07 Dec 2000

About Search on DefenseLINK

A spider crawls the DefenseLINK web site daily starting at 5:30. It picks up all files on the site except those named "index.html". In addition, selected types of regularly-occuring documents (AFIS & DDI news, speeches, AFRTS Radio News, News Photos) are indexed immediately (within seconds) after they appear on the DefenseLINK web site.

This spider does not crawl the entire .mil domain, but instead only the areas described below. To search outside of the DefenseLINK web site for military related information, see other search sources .

Search Categories

The following tables make up the Defenselink search collection under Verity:
Table Description Path View
releases News releases /news/MONYYYY/b*.html News, Defense
contracts Contract announcements /news/MONYYYY/c*.html News, Defense
advisories Press Advisories /news/MONYYYY/p*.html News, Defense
memoranda Memoranda for Correspondents /news/MONYYYY/m*.html News, Defense
briefings News Briefings /news/MONYYYY/t*.html News, Defense
background Background briefings /news/MONYYYY/x*.html News, Defense
afps News Articles /news/MONYYYY/n*.html News, Defense
factshts Fact Sheets /news/fact_sheets/*.html News, Defense
pubs Pubs directory & subdirectories /pubs/ Pubs, Defense
speeches Defense issues /speeches Defense
other Top level other_info directory /other_info Otherinfo, Defense
bios Biographies /bios Otherinfo, Defense
afd Armed Forces Day /afd Otherinfo, Defense
iraq Desert Strike /iraq Otherinfo, Defense
faq Frequently Asked Questions /faq Defense
photos Photos /photos/ Defense
radio Radio Index Page /news/radio  News, Defense
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